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Most Influential Private Equity Investors & Advisors: Pardis Nasseri


Managing Director & President

Palm Tree

SPECIALTY: M&A transactions

In 2014, Pardis Nasseri decided to re-establish his firm, Palm Tree, with a new focus and without any outside capital. He had spent several years searching for investment opportunities in the lower middle market and had reached the conclusion that a consulting firm created with the private equity mindset would better understand and serve private equity firms. Palm Tree would focus on financial due diligence, financial planning and analysis, and transitions and transformations for private equity buyers and sellers involved in complex M&A transactions. Throughout his career and at only 41, Nasseri has been involved in nearly $40 billion of successful M&A transactions and has grown Palm Tree from an independent contractorship to a team of over 30 professionals with offices in LA and Chicago. He and his firm have engaged in over 100 transactions around the world in a dozen different industries and have never lost a client.

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