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Most Influential Private Equity Investors & Advisors: Lloyd Greif


President & CEO

Greif & Co.

SPECIALTY: Consumer products; e-commerce; food and beverage; healthcare; industrial; tech; B2B; aerospace and defense; entertainment/media

Lloyd Greif, a near 40-year veteran of the southern California investment banking wars, founded his eponymous investment banking firm in 1992 and has done everything from representing private equity firms in their acquisition or divestiture of portfolio companies to selling his entrepreneurial clients to them. The firm’s mission statement, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” embodies Greif & Co.’s client-first culture. Greif helps entrepreneurial clients realize their dreams by raising growth capital (either equity or debt) for them or maximizing the return on their ‘sweat equity’ investment through a value-optimizing sale of their business. He has also engineered truly inventive private equity-strategic buyer combination deals, such as when he sold Rose Hills Mortuary & Cemetery to The Loewen Group of Canada with acquisition financing provided by a $250-million equity infusion into Loewen by the Blackstone Group.

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