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Most Influential Private Equity Investors & Advisors: James Oh



Transom Capital Group

SPECIALTY: $100-$300 million revenue transactions requiring $20-$100 million in equity

James Oh is a first-generation Korean American who immigrated to Los Angeles from Seoul, South Korea when he was 7 years old. He lived through the LA Riots in 1992 where his family’s store burned to the ground and they lost everything. Persevering through these challenges has given Oh incredibly high integrity and work ethic that he leverages today. His career has been marked by achievement after achievement as he has progressed from accountant to deal maker. Oh is one of the very best communicators of why the facts create the value and furthermore, why Transom Capital is the best purchaser of the business. Specifically, Oh has a unique capacity to understand the big picture, work through the details and then leverage this understanding to look the seller in the eye and explain firmly, but with compassion, his position.

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