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Most Influential Private Equity Investors & Advisors: David Gendron


Managing Director

Three Point Capital

SPECIALTY: Entertainment (film financing)

As the co-founder and Managing Director of the largest independent film finance and consulting firm, Three Point Capital, David Gendron has spent the last 10 years skillfully structuring financing for a slate of private independent film producers. Three Point Capital also owns, part owns or has private equity/ venture investments in a number of companies such as Elite Commercial Incentive Services, Quickpay Funding, TPC Art Finance and The Farm Project. Gendron began his career over 25 years ago in banking in New York City where he worked his way through the ranks to eventually head up the interest rate derivative marketing team at CIBC World Markets. In this role, he led the team which structured derivative products for corporations to manage their overall interest rate risk and worked closely to hedge highly structured corporate financing transactions

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