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Most Influential Minority Attorneys: Angela Reddock-Wright

Angela Reddock-Wright

Founding & Managing Partner

Reddock Law Group

Angela Reddock-Wright is the Founding & Managing Attorney of the Reddock Law Group, a boutique employment law firm based in downtown Los Angeles. She was installed as President of the Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA), at the SCMA’s 30th Annual Conference last November. Reddock-Wright was hired to oversee compliance for contractor and local worker diversity and inclusion for the Los Angeles World Airports/LAX $5 Billion Dollar Landside Modernization Access Modernization Program (LAMP), a construction and infrastructure program to rebuild, renovate and modernize LAX.

Reddock-Wright continues to work with the Screen Actors Guild-AFTRA on overhauling and updating their sexual harassment reporting protocols for its members. She also continues to be a leader in advocating for Project Labor Agreements on public and private sector construction and infrastructure projects.  Reddock-Wright also serves on the Los Angeles County Equity Oversight Panel (CEOP).

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