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Minority Leaders Of Influence, Attorneys: Paul Loh

Paul Loh

Managing Partner

Willenken LLP

Managing partner Paul Loh is a founding member of Willenken LLP. Founded in 2002, Willenken is an elite minority-owned, majority women boutique litigation firm. Loh is Asian American and a native Mandarin speaker. He has nearly 30 years of experience representing (mostly on the defense side) major leading American and Asian corporations in both civil and criminal litigation matters.

Loh represents Fortune 500 clients in high-stakes, complex commercial litigation matters, focusing on product liability and major torts, white collar defense and government investigations, and class actions cases. Paul is an outlier, compared to lawyers of his generation, in that he has spent much of his impressive legal career truly trying cases. In fact, he has tried over 120 jury trials, court trials, and arbitrations. As a result of his substantial trial experience, leading companies turn to him for some of the most challenging cases on their dockets.

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