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Minority Leaders Of Influence, Attorneys: Moez Kaba

Moez Kaba


Hueston Hennigan LLP

Moez Kaba is a co-founder of Hueston Hennigan LLP. He has, at the age of 39, stacked up an enviable record of trial and appellate victories. Kaba has prevailed in trials and arbitrations across the nation, including, most recently, a complete win – on all claims – for Amazon in a breach of contract and tortious interference suit brought against it by eBay.

Kaba has also obtained at trial: a complete defense verdict for renowned research university California Institute of Technology after a four-week jury trial in a $65 million+ tortious interference and whistleblower case; a jury verdict in favor of entrepreneur William Koch on claims of fraud, deceptive business practices and false advertising related to the sale of counterfeit high-end wine, including a $12 million punitive damages award; and a complete defense judgment in a wrongful termination suit for the State Bar of California and the former president of its board of trustees.

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