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Minority Leaders Of Influence, Attorneys: Irene Lee

Irene Lee


Russ August & Kabat

Irene Lee is a partner at Russ August & Kabat, where she focuses her practice on all aspects of intellectual property, including patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, and IP licensing. She has extensive experience in trademark and copyright prosecution, litigation, and licensing with an emphasis on global brand expansion and content management through strategic IP protection and enforcement programs. In addition, as a registered patent attorney, she counsels clients regarding patent prosecution, acquisition, litigation, and licensing with an eye toward adding value to their businesses.

Lee represents clients in a wide range of industries, including automobile, entertainment, fashion, pharmaceutical, integrated circuits, security and surveillance, housewares, baby products, and food and beverages. Clients from varying industries seek and heed Lee’s advice and her peers respect her opinion because of her considered and precise legal analysis balanced against her practical and pragmatic approach to legal problems with real-life solutions.

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