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Minority Leaders Of Influence, Attorneys: Henry Gonzalez

Henry Gonzalez


Andrade Gonzalez LLP

Henry H. Gonzalez is a founding partner at Andrade Gonzalez LLP, one of the top minority-owned litigation boutiques in the Los Angeles area. After graduating from Harvard Law School and receiving his bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley, Gonzalez began his legal career at Munger, Tolles & Olson. Initially, he focused his practice on a wide array of commercial litigation, complex and mass torts, and white-collar criminal matters. Gonzalez has expanded his practice to include the defense of public entities, insurance coverage, labor and employment matters, and litigating trademark, misappropriation of trade secrets, and unfair business practices disputes.

Gonzalez has first and second chaired numerous jury and bench trials. He has been part of trial teams that have obtained multi-million dollar verdicts in commercial litigation and employment matters, including first chairing several federal court trials that resulted in multi-million dollar verdicts for his clients for trademark and copyright infringement.

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