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Minority Leaders Of Influence, Attorneys: Delmar S. Thomas

Delmar S. Thomas


Yukevich | Cavanaugh

Delmar Thomas is an experienced trial lawyer. He has also been successful in briefing and arguing key motions in state and federal courts across the country. Thomas’ effective advocacy skills have led to significant victories through summary judgment, appellate motions, and various post-trial matters in high exposure cases. While Thomas is often viewed as a relentless advocate for his clients, he is also respected for his negotiation skills and pragmatic approach to alternative dispute resolution. Thomas has effectively negotiated many favorable settlements for his clients through mediation, mandatory settlement conferences, and, in some cases, voluntary settlement.

Thomas’ practice currently focuses on litigation, with extensive experience in product liability, construction defect, premises liability and general negligence. In recent years, his practice has expanded to entertainment litigation, insurance coverage, general negligence, and other complex litigation matters.

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