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MBA & Master’s Guide: USC Marshall School of Business

“USC Marshall is a global business school in the heart of Los Angeles. Consistently ranked among the nation’s premier schools, Marshall offers impressive international and experiential opportunities, backed by cutting-edge research and industry engagement and supported by the powerful Trojan network.

Marshall’s students and alumni play leading roles in the industries that continue to drive L.A. forward — from real estate and accounting, to marketing and finance, and entertainment and tech. With cross-disciplinary excellence spanning the performing arts to the data sciences, Marshall is a learning lab where students draw on the region’s cultural diversity, entrepreneurial mindset, and creative energy.
Our focus is on producing leaders with the skills to turn ideas into outcomes for the real world, right now. Marshall’s award-winning faculty and experiential learning environment create leaders who are prepared not only for the jobs of today, but also for future careers not yet imagined.
We are bolstered by the unrivaled Trojan Family; at 90,000 strong across 100+ countries, Marshall graduates make up an impressive 20% of all USC alumni. The Trojan network is the foundation of powerful career outcomes, establishing two-way linkages between students and business leaders.
Marshall has an outsized role to play in the evolution of business toward a more sustainable, equitable, and engaged future. I continue to believe that business can change the world for the better and that the USC Marshall School of Business is helping power that change.”
— Dean Geoffrey Garrett

Learn more at marshall.usc.edu.

Name of Institution
University of Southern California

Name of Business School or Program
USC Marshall School of Business

Business School Dean
Geoffrey Garrett

Year Institution was Founded

Year Business School or Program was Started

Total MBA enrollment (all platforms offered)
Full-Time MBA (FTMBA): 427
Part-Time MBA (MBA.PM): 638
Online MBA (OMBA): 313
Executive MBA (EMBA): 144
International Business Education and Research MBA (IBEAR): 44

MBA Platforms Offered
Full-Time MBA (FTMBA)
Part-Time MBA (MBA.PM)
Online MBA (OMBA)
Executive MBA (EMBA)
International Business Education
and Research MBA (IBEAR)

MBA Areas of Emphasis Offered
23 areas of emphasis from
Accounting to Venture Capital

Length of Programs
FTMBA: 2 years (22 months)
MBA.PM: 3 years (33 months)
OMBA: 2 years (21 months)
EMBA: 2 years (22 months)
IBEAR MBA: 1 year (12 months)
Program Campus Options
University Park Campus, Los Angeles

Program Accreditations 

U.S. News & World Report:
FTMBA: #16, MBA.PM: #9,
OMBA: #4, EMBA: #22

Total Cost of MBA 
FTMBA: $129,150*
MBA.PM: $129,150*
OMBA: $112,346
EMBA: $156,000
IBEAR: $124,715

Required Testing 

Upcoming Information Sessions 
Please visit https://www.marshall.usc.edu/news-events/usc-marshall-events for upcoming information sessions by program.

Program Contact Information
USC Marshall MBA Admissions
630 Childs Way – JKP 308
Los Angeles, CA 90089-2633
Phone: (213) 740-7846
Fax: (213) 749-8520
Email: marshallmba@marshall.usc.edu
Website: https://www.marshall.usc.edu/programs/mba-programs

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