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Leaders of Influence: Private Equity, Investors & Advisors 2022 – Alex Soltani

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Alex Soltani

Alex Soltani
Founder, Chairman & CEO
Skyview Capital

Alex Soltani founded Skyview Capital in 2005 and is chairman of the firm’s executive and investment committees. He is a serial entrepreneur and started his first business when still a student at UCLA. Soltani brings extensive operational experience to his work in private equity. His strong business acumen and prescient investment instincts have led to successful acquisitions across a number of industries. Soltani is actively involved with every aspect of the transaction life cycle and plays a significant role in all of Skyview Capital’s investments.

Prior to the formal establishment of Skyview Capital in 2005, Soltani worked at Platinum Equity, a multi-billion dollar Los Angeles-headquartered private equity firm specializing in corporate divestitures, public-to-private transactions and private sales. Skyview Capital was the first of a number of private equity firms created by former Platinum executives. Soltani serves as chairman of the Board of Directors for all Skyview Capital portfolio companies.

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