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Leaders of Influence: Most Admired Law Firms To Work For 2022 – Olivarez Madruga Law Organization LLP

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Olivarez Madruga Law Organization LLP

OMLO is widely considered to be one of Southern California’s leading law firms, with a reputation for providing the highest quality legal services to municipal, education, and public agency clients. The firm’s employees are driven and motivated by the critical need for legal representation among the public institutions that the firm serves, many of which lack resources. When new housing, retail, and public works projects come to fruition in the communities that make up OMLO’s clientele, the firm takes great pride in knowing that it played a part in helping these projects happen. OMLO also supports a number of initiatives aiming to support the community, including the LA Food Bank.

OMLO’s culture encourages individual thought, provides positive working conditions, and fosters a progressive and proactive business environment. The firm demonstrates its appreciation of employees by hosting annual mixers, bringing in lunch on Fridays, and planning other activities throughout the year to keep team members connected with each other. OMLO recognizes that being the best in its field includes being kind, caring, and inspired by community outreach. The firm believes that its success over the last 12 years is directly linked to the talents, care, and commitment of the people who work for it and always aims to provide a welcoming and inspiring environment.

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