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Leaders of Influence: 2023 Minority Attorneys – William Delgado

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Managing Partner

William Delgado, managing partner of minority-owned law firm DTO Law, which he co-founded in 2019, is a relentless litigator with an unmatched obsession for superior results. Delgado approaches litigation with a clear focus: win, as fast as possible. To do that, he dives into his clients’ business so that he has a clear understanding of what matters, what doesn’t, what creates leverage, and what triggers a successful outcome.

The key to Delgado’s success? Never be complacent. Every morning, he combs various legal publications for issues of relevance to his clients, sending them updates on issues they are currently facing, or he foresees they might face. He also takes time to develop associates and junior partners at his own firm to impart the lessons he has learned on his business development journey so that they, too, can build their own books of business.

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