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Leaders of Influence: 2022 Thriving in Their 40s – Leo Burrola

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Boutique Recruiting

Leo Burrola was instrumental in the launch of Boutique Recruiting and is a trusted partner and colleague. He is a second-generation Latino and grew up in Senora, Mexico. He graduated from the University of Santa Barbara and obtained his CFP certification while working in the financial industry.

Burrola now carries with him more than 20 years of financial expertise, as well as his strong financial acumen which has helped strategically chart a positive course for the growth of Boutique Recruiting. He is intensely entrepreneurial, keeping up with the changing competitive staffing industry, and oversees Finance, IT, HR, and Operations at Boutique. From setting goals and tasks, to establishing deadlines, Burrola has proven time and time again that he can rise to any challenge presented to him. He cares deeply about the success of Boutique Recruiting and all individuals around him. Under Burrola’s leadership, Boutique’s performance has improved significantly.

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