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Leaders of Influence – Wealth Managers: ERIK RIDGLEY

Erik Ridgley

CEO & Chief Investment Officer

Salem Partners Wealth Management

Assets Under Management: $300 Million

Erik Ridgley, CFA is CEO & chief investment officer of Salem Partners Wealth Management, a boutique multi-family investment office for founders, CEOs, entrepreneurial families, and ultra-high net worth individuals. His firm is a fiduciary and fee-only SEC-registered investment adviser (RIA) that combines institutional expertise in public markets and private investments with personalized financial planning and customized portfolios to drive successful after-tax results and build long-term client relationships. This is his fourth decade of investment management. In 2019 and early 2020, Ridgley led his firm by devoting significant time and energy to educating clients about risks of unexpected shocks to markets given the slowing global economy. He reinforced the rationale for balanced portfolios that can withstand recessions and bear markets. Earlier this year, Ridgley navigated his clients through the pandemic induced market sell-off and recovery by continuing to patiently invest for the long-term per each client’s custom investment policy statement.

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