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Leaders of Influence: Residential Real Estate Brokers- Myra Nourmand

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Myra Nourmand
Nourmand & Associates

As one of the owners and principals of Nourmand & Associates, Myra Nourmand is an industry leader and a key figure in the Los Angeles community. She began her tenure at Nourmand & Associates during a time in which males dominated the industry and despite this, she made a name for herself and is now fondly known as Beverly Hills’ First Lady of Real Estate. With over 30 years of unrivaled experience, she has commanded over a billion dollar in sales. In just the past 12 months alone, Myra has sold over $131 million! She commands the real estate industry with business savvy and an extensive knowledge of the LA real estate scene.  LA’s most powerful figures regularly go to Nourmand for her wide-ranging expertise in selling luxury properties and to close deals on iconic properties.

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