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Leaders of Influence: Litigators & Trial Attorneys -John Hueston

John Hueston
Hueston Hennigan

John Hueston has won 34 of 35 trials to date as lead trial counsel. His high-profile, bet-the-company trials and representations of iconic business titans attract worldwide focus and are often historic. Hueston served as lead prosecutor in the successful three-month “business trial of the century” against former Enron CEOs Jeffrey Skilling and Ken Lay. He recovered $5.15 billion after trial in Tronox v. Anadarko, the nation’s largest environmental fraudulent transfer case. On behalf of William Koch in his worldwide crusade against wine fraud as chronicled in the bestseller, The Billionaire’s Vinegar, Hueston won an eight-figure recovery after a three-week jury trial in New York. Hueston defeated the SEC’s contempt action against Elon Musk for alleged improper tweeting. Most recently, Hueston in eBay v. Amazon obtained a complete defense judgment after a two-week trial in a case promoted by eBay as an international RICO and fraud conspiracy to unlawfully recruit eBay sellers to Amazon.

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