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Tuesday, Nov 28, 2023

International Business Forum Speaker: Atul Sapra

Atul Sapra
Principal, International Tax Services

Atul Sapra is a partner in the RSM tax services practice. He specializes in advising businesses on global tax-planning matters. He has twenty years of experience advising both publicly-traded and privately-held technology, manufacturing and consumer products companies. Atul combines his strategic business understanding with accounting and tax knowledge to co-develop practical solutions.

Areas of technical assistance:

  • Acquisition and disposition planning

  • Repatriation planning

  • Foreign tax credit planning

  • FASB Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) Top 740- income tax provisions

  • Subpart F and Sec. 956 planning

  • Income tax treaty and indirect tax analyses

  • Transfer pricing analyses and documentation

  • Foreign derived intangible income (“FDII”) planning

  • Global intangible low-taxed income (“GILTI”) planning

  • Base erosion anti-abuse tax (“BEAT”) planning

  • Cross-border expansion assistance

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