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Influential Family-Owned Businesses in Los Angeles: Sterling Venue Ventures, LLC


Sterling Venue Ventures is solely owned by Lance Sterling, one of the original founders of The House Of Blues. The company, which also includes Caryn Sterling (Board Member), Shelby Sterling (Development Coordinator), Jake Sterling (GM, The Canyon Santa Clarita), Brooke Sterling (Manager), Jackson Sterling (Manager) and Savannah Sterling (Manager), produces over 700 concerts per year in Southern California. The company’s management team owns decades of experience in promotion, finance, marketing, and the execution of concerts performed by national headlining talent. Each of Sterling’s Canyon venues has become well known throughout Southern California as prime entertainment destinations for the 30+ demographic.

Lance Sterling, who is also a chef, an avocado farmer, and football coach, envisions each of his venues as a place not only to enjoy great live music, but also to sit and relax over dinner with good friends for a great night out. The delightful ambience that fills all of the Canyon venues illustrates the SVV slogan – “Where the Music Meets the Soul.”

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