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Influential Family-Owned Businesses in Los Angeles: Quality Material Handling Inc.


After years of working for material handling companies and gaining extensive knowledge and experience, Hector Pinto took a leap of faith in 1991. He and his wife Brenda decided to start their own material handling company right out of their living room. There with a small folding table underneath the staircase, a phone, pen and pad, Quality Material Handling was born. Hector closed sales, made deliveries, visited customers, and performed installations. He would stop at gas stations to change out of work wear and into suits when transitioning from installations to sales calls. In his first year of business, Hector grossed $127,000. It was his positive energy and optimism, along with Brenda’s support, that became the driving force behind their success.

Perhaps the Pintos’ biggest victory comes from fighting for his business through tough times. Like most businesses, QMH faced extreme challenges during the recession in 2009. Hector and Brenda pushed through with diligence and integrity, keeping the unwavering faith and optimism responsible for their success today.

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