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Influential Family-Owned Businesses in Los Angeles: Greenerways Organic


Greenerways Organic stems from what Mama Bella told her granddaughter, “Read the labels; if there are chemicals or ingredients you can’t pronounce, don’t buy the product.”

This was never more important to Jayme Bella than during her first pregnancy in 2008. Her home was damaged by a severe storm and became insect infested. She realized traditional insect repellants were ridden with harmful chemicals. She was fearful of what effect they could have on her unborn child. Personal need drove Jayme Bella to create the organic bug repellant that launched Greenerways Organic and its expanding product line of organic household and personal care products. That and the belief that our families deserve affordable, safe, organic products. And Jayme is no stranger to working with families – her company also features the talents of her mother, Father and husband in executive roles.

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