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Influential Family-Owned Businesses in Los Angeles: Brush Research Manufacturing


Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) is a third generation family-owned and family-operated business. The company was started by Steve Rands, an immigrant from Canada, who in 1958 invented and patented the Flex-Hone Tool that is now distributed all over the world and used in virtually every industry. Run by the second and third generations of family, BRM has grown 40% in two years and operates three shifts, employing people from the community and making quality products.

BRM was one of the first companies to advocate the critical need for finer surface finishes to optimize performance. Concepts such as plateau finishing were pioneered by the founder, Steve Rands, and are now commonplace goals across many industries. The Flex-Hone Tool has become the premium standard that all surface finishing tools are compared against. No other tool can as easily, quickly, and affordably create the microstructure finish necessary for maximum performance and life of your products.

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