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Health Care Leadership Panel Speaker: Dr. Demetria Malloy

Dr. Demetria Malloy

Medical Director

Anthem Blue Cross

Demetria Malloy, MD, MSHS is an internist who serves as the Medical Director for Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal health plan, one of California’s largest Medicaid managed care organizations with 1.2 million members across 29 counties. Dr. Malloy develops strategies and leads efforts among the health plan’s care coordination, physical and mental health integration and population health management functions. She has completed academic and clinical training at Stanford, Tufts, UCLA, Cedars-Sinai and VA Healthcare systems, with additional leadership training in Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and California Healthcare Foundation programs. She has been with Anthem Blue Cross for five years and has worked in leadership positions in clinical care, research, policy and managed healthcare for the past 12 years. Anthem Blue Cross has been supporting California’s Medi-Cal program since 1994 and has been serving the healthcare needs of Californians since 1937.

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