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Glendale Is Quickly Becoming California’s Latest and Greatest Growing Tech Hub

From Silicon Valley in Northern California to Silicon Beach in Southern California, one common theme is consistent — the Golden State is the world’s foremost central hub for technological innovation.

But did you know that Glendale is considered to be the latest and greatest upstart destination for technology?
The Jewel City is home to nearly 1,000 tech companies and startups, and it employs over 40,000 tech professionals that generate a total of $5 billion in sales each year, according to data released by the city of Glendale.

Monoliths like Disney Interactive, Dreamworks, and Cisco Systems have paved a path for the likes of ServiceTitan, LegalZoom, Age of Learning, Disqo, Beyond Limits, Britive, dot818, and a host of others to make Glendale a home base for flourishing software brands.
With $200 million revenue annually ever since its inception in 2016, Phonexa and its sister software companies are proudly taking part in helping Glendale deliver on its burgeoning multi-billion-dollar promise.

Phonexa is a software company that provides brand marketing solutions for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more.
We’re a SaaS company with a 150-person team and headquarters based in Ukraine and the United Kingdom. But we’re moving the needle domestically from the penthouse floor of the 505 North Brand Boulevard building in Glendale.

I’ve been embedded in Glendale’s tech scene as Phonexa’s Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President ever since our company’s inception, and I’ve witnessed the Jewel City’s full-blown transformation.

Phonexa has grown in tandem, and peers seem to have taken notice of how we’re cultivating an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Phonexa has been named one of the “Best Places to Work’’ in the United States in back-to-back years. I’m equally proud to work here, as well as humbled in being nominated for the LABJ’s 2021 CFO of the Year Award, one year after winning the same award.

Glendale’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm is only growing with its tech-savvy pioneers. Thus, Glendale has become the backbone for growth in Los Angeles, providing techies many opportunities and initiatives to succeed in the industry.

Since 2016, Glendale’s Economic Development Division has organized and produced the Glendale Tech Week to further foster, cultivate, and grow tech unicorns. Career fairs, accelerator programs, insightful panels, and “Shark Tank” style pitch fests highlight the weeklong event of which Phonexa also serves as title sponsor.

“Glendale has seen a flourishing number of high tech firms nestle within Glendale’s thriving innovation hub throughout the past four years,” the city of Glendale said in a statement. “To ensure continuous growth in this sector, the City has set initiatives through the development of networking events, enhanced marketing, and amenities such as co-working space, fiber optics networks, and access to public transit.”

Phonexa is doubling down on Glendale-based initiatives with a committed reinvestment into the city.

We helped reopen California amidst COVID-19 by hosting an awards luncheon honoring Glendale’s first responders and local heroes for their critical work helping the community persevere through heartaches and the unknown.

Internally, we reimagined our offerings and repositioned our industry-leading software as an end-to-end marketing solution by debuting an all-in-one suite of products, all of which are equipped to boost business for brands across diverse verticals.

In many ways, our new software has reinvented the wheel in how marketers build their inbound and outbound strategies by using calls, leads, clicks, emails, SMS, and accounting — all within the same platform.

The summer was sizzlingly hot for Phonexa and our neighbors alike.

LegalZoom was valued at $7 billion during its IPO in June. ServiceTitan grew its valuation to $9.5 billion with additional acquisitions as it continued its move into the old Nestle building. And startups like Britive scored Series A funding to the tune of $10 million.
Whether you work or live in Glendale, you have everything that you need in the city, with tremendous opportunities in tech topping the list.

Growing Glendale into a tech powerhouse is Phonexa’s mission.
The wave of top brands and talent that’s following that plan makes me giddy that Glendale is the state’s next great locale for tech.

Lilit Davtyan is the CFO and EVP of Phonexa. She was an LABJ 2020 CFO of the Year honoree.

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