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Fashion & Beauty Awards: Service Provider of the Year Finalist



Mark Riedel of Conkle, Kremer & Engel is a business lawyer, with a focus on brand protection, trademark, copyright and unfair competition litigation. He also regularly advises clients on trademark prosecution, advertising, regulatory compliance and distribution issues. He is a leader in anti-diversion, anti counterfeiting and anti-piracy efforts within the beauty industry. Riedel helped co-found The Beauty Industry Fund, a non-profit trade association dedicated to the eradication of product diversion, decoding and piracy. He has been an active member of the Personal Care Products Council for over 14 years and has participated in other beauty industry trade initiatives. Riedel has always strived to obtain justice for his clients and colleagues, and those around him in the beauty industry. This effort has taken many forms over the years. In its simplest form, Riedel has sought to support his clients, co-workers and colleagues in their professional pursuits.

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