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FASHION AWARDS: For Millennials, Mobile Sales Dominated Cyber Monday Week

This year’s recent Cyber Monday Week was the largest online sales day ever, and for the ever elusive millennial shopper, mobile sales not only dominated but resulted in higher dollar sales.

Fashion marketplace Flagship, targeting male and female early adopters ranging from 2 to 35 years old, reported an all-time high of 35 percent mobile sales during Cyber Monday week – higher than the national average of 24 percent – and most surprisingly, the average dollar sale of mobile transactions was 20 percent higher than desktop transactions.

“Embracing the mobile experience is the only way to capture the attention of millennials,” said Scott Latham, CEO of Flagship. “In addition to offering hundreds of independent brands to this fashion-forward group, we’ve invested in the technology to appeal to heavy mobile users. We’ve found that not only is the tech driving sales, but we are seeing significant increases in average spending, which is ultimately leading to repeat purchasing.”

Top sales drivers for Flagship’s Cyber Monday week were a 2 for $15 tie bundle from New York country club bad boys Filthy Etiquette and $55 short sleeve sweatshirts from Santa Barbara streetwear innovators Akomplice.

According to Adobe Analytics data, consumers across the board are using mobile shopping, but an overwhelming 75 percent of millennials are expecting to make purchases with their smartphone, especially to seek fashion like alternative apparel.

The National Retail Federation reports 174 million Americans shopped the 5 days between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday alone saw over $6 billion in online sales, with $1.5 billion in mobile specifically.

“We know that the e commerce landscape is constantly shifting,” added Latham. “As an innovative startup, it is our responsibility to bring a fresh perspective and provide the customer with the best experience, whether on desktop or mobile. While mobile might be currently dominating, many aspects are being overlooked by the bigger players who are slower to react.”

Flagship carries over 175 independent fashion brands from all over the world on their marketplace and drops 20 new brands a month. Founded in 2013 as “the Amazon for independent brands,” customers can shop globally while supporting local, small fashion brands that offer unique streetwear, menswear and womenswear. Their mission is to break through the unrelenting dominating retail clutter and give a voice to small, independent fashion brands.

Appealing to the civic-minded millennial who believes small batch, limited run, quality products are far superior, Flagship shifts influence away from mainstream monopolies and levels the playing field from anywhere, at their fingertips.

Steered by local independents who choose small batch, limited run, quality products, Flagship shifts influence away from mainstream monopolies and into the local economies spawning independent apparel brands.

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