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Diversity & Inclusion Summit 2018: Why an NBA Team Is Taking On Gender Equality

Earlier this year, a first-of-its-kind partnership for a professional men’s sports team was unveiled. The L.A. Clippers partnered with a female-first brand, Bumble, in a joint mission to advance gender equality.

Immediately following the announcement, the outpouring of support received has made it clear that this was long overdue.

Following the Clippers game that night, thousands of fans with different backgrounds and perspectives stood side-by-side at STAPLES Center, united in a common goal and showing their support for the women in their lives – and that was just the beginning.


Diversity – including diversity of thought, race, background and gender – allows organizations to reach the highest levels of success. It is with pride that the Clippers can say they are one of the most progressive organizations in sports today with a commitment to making a positive difference.

That’s why the Clippers decided to partner with Bumble, the popular, female-first social networking app. The team wholeheartedly supports gender equality and recognizes thevalue of different perspectives in the workplace. The Clippers organization has the largest female leadership team in the NBA and is proud to do its part to encourage women to reach their highest career potential. Women should be strong, confident and willing to go after what they want – something Bumble believes in as well.

Together, the Clippers and Bumble are leveraging their influence, resources and commitment to diversity in their respective industries to help women advance in the workplace. A goal is to emphasize that gender equality is essential to any organization and this partnership provides a platform that will inspire communities to value female-driven decision-making in personal and professional situations, and ultimately inspire the next generation of women leaders.

The objective is to provide education, events, tools and resources, expanding female focused programming together and launching initiatives specifically geared to inspire women and girls. The Clippers hope it serves as a catalyst for communities to identify specific ways they can participate.

The Clippers are proud of this partnership with a forward-thinking organization that also wants to use their resources to make a positive impact.


The Clippers have been very purposeful in the way they have talked about their relationship with Bumble. The Clippers organization so admires Bumble and its approach to breaking down antiquated gender stereotypes.

When the Clippers began reviewing potential candidates for its first-ever jersey partner, they had many different opportunities, but realized they should do more than just put a company logo on the uniforms. The focus was on identifying a brand that aligned with Clipper values, and one that the team’s athletes could wear proudly. For the Clippers, the Bumble logo on players’ jerseys isn’t a jersey patch – it’s an Empowerment Badge. Something worn with pride and a representation of something much bigger.

With the two organizations’ joint reach and influence, the belief is that they will be able to bring in a new perspective and important voices to the conversation that have not existed before.


Enabling real change in the industry or in any other is no small task. The responsibility of bridging the gender gap in business lies with us all, including both men and women.

Businesses thrive when women lead and make decisions. Yet, women still face many challenges as they make their way to the top, particularly in the traditionally male-dominated industries of sports and technology.

The Clippers organization has the opportunity and privilege to help elevate other women and help focus and amplify the importance of female empowerment and equality in the workplace. The strongest thing about the partnership with Bumble is that this is a badge that’s being worn by male NBA players.

What we need is collaboration – men and women working together – in all industries and from all backgrounds and perspectives. There’s never been a more critical time to make real change happen. We all need to step up, stand together and set a new status quo for the next generation of women leaders.

To learn more about the L.A. Clippers partnership with Bumble visit www.clippers.com/bumble.

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