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CRE Awards 2020: Best Redevelopment Project


Location: 433 Spring Street, Los Angeles

Developer: Rising Realty Partners

Contractor: Morley Builders

Architect: Gensler/Architectural Resources Group

An Art Deco masterpiece has come back to life in downtown’s Historic Core. The Trust Building is the area’s most significant revitalized structure, now serving as a mixed-use building. It has transformed the old one with an assertive new intervention. The 10-story building relaunched after an estimated $40-million makeover complete with modern earthquake safety standards and restored original features, such as gilded ceiling decorations that were painted over in late 20th century renovations. The Trust Building has been retrofitted to appeal to modern creative – while retaining its historic character and architectural details – offering newly enhanced retail spaces, a 4,000 sqare foot restaurant space, rooftop with city skyline views, as well as expansive creative offices amid across its historic 11 floors.


Location: 325 Maple Drive, Beverly Hills

Developer: Worthe Real Estate Group

Contractor: Krismar Construction Co., Inc.

Architect: Gensler

Converted to creative office, this project is sited on a corner where Beverly Hills’ commercial office district to the north meets a multi-family residential district to the east. The project transforms the facades into a set of contextual responses to these differing adjacent uses while creating layers of transparency through the space from the street. At the corner, the existing large glass cylinder is replaced with an outdoor terrace re-envisioning what was once an internalized object into an externalized outdoor space. Furthermore, the ground floor of the north facade is recessed to create a Front Porch entry that also serves as a welcoming community space.





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