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A Bridge to the World: Bridge’s Innovative Lighting System Brings New Beauty to Long Beach

The new bridge in the Port of Long Beach features an iconic design with two 515-foot-high towers and 80 cable stays. During the day, the bridge is visible for many miles across Southern California. The addition of 192 energy-efficient LED (light-emitting diode) lights across the main span means that the new bridge will be visible at the night. The cable-stays will be lit by 120 lights; some of the longer cable spans need two lights for full coverage. Each tower will have 36 lights to bathe its full height in multiple colors.
The bridge lighting system can accommodate a few dozen multi-color lighting scenes, or preset combinations. They will commemorate known events / holidays during the year, awareness events, a Port of Long Beach theme based on its brand colors, and anticipated special occasions (e.g., sports championships, the upcoming Olympics, etc.). Some of these preset combinations repeat themselves, since some of the scenes serve more than one event (e.g., red, white, and blue).

The bridge lighting system enables the Port of Long Beach to program these commemorative preset combinations, scheduling them years in advance. The following list details each event during 2021, including its color combination, the start date of the scene and its duration. Between events, the default combination will be the Port of Long Beach’s colors (turquoise, navy blue and white). 

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