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Saturday, Dec 9, 2023

Black Business Matters Speaker: Dommond Lonnie

Dommond Lonnie


Dommond E. Lonnie is a seasoned trial attorney who provides aggressive and innovative legal representation for his clients in product liability, class action, toxic tort, and commercial litigation. Mr. Lonnie has represented numerous domestic and foreign automobile/mobility manufacturers and has substantial expertise in crashworthiness, suspensions/tires/rollovers, airbags/restraints, fires, brakes, and fuel systems cases. An experienced litigator and legal strategist, Mr. Lonnie implements litigation and investigation plans and manages all aspects of discovery for successful resolution of lawsuits and claims. He has earned recognition in providing high level and cost effective representation of corporate clients. Mr. Lonnie is a member of the Products, Class Actions & Professional Liability practice group and the Director of Dykema’s Automotive Industry Group, a multidisciplinary practice group focused on providing high quality legal service to automotive and mobility manufacturers.

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