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Best Places to Work 2019: The Best Medium-Sized Companies to Work for in Los Angeles


Hughes Marino is an industry-leading commercial real estate firm that exclusively represents tenants and buyers — never landlords – so there is never a conflict of interest. Hughes Marino has been representing companies in their negotiations to renew leases, relocate, expand, contract and optimize their real estate for over 25 years. The firm’s list of services include tenant representation; portfolio lease administration and advisory; program, project and construction management, planning + design; and culture consulting. The firm believes in creating clients for life by building lasting relationships with business owners who trust Hughes Marino as a partner in their real estate needs. At the heart of the business is an amazing team that lives and breathes its inspiring “10 Core Values.”

One of the company’s core values is to “enjoy the journey,” and the team feels more like family members away from home than co-workers. As a company, Hughes Marino believes that having a fulfilling personal and professional life is achieved by pursuing personal goals and striving to be “the best possible version of yourself.” Owners Jason and Shay Hughes invest significant resources in the individual growth of each and every team member and employees are very thankful for the opportunities given. The owners are extremely devoted to investing in the team by creating a home away from home complete with beautiful offices, motivating guest speakers, companywide team building events, generously giving back to the community and inspiring each individual to focus and live the company’s 10 Core Values.


Burnham is a privately held, women-owned, full-service strategic employee benefits consulting, and brokerage firm offering comprehensive client-first strategic solutions. The closely held nature of Burnham allows its leadership to adapt — investing in cutting-edge technology, and the tools and resources needed to provide a specialized level of service. Burnham’s commitment to healthy work-life harmony for its employees is a testament to the unique culture that Burnham continues to nurture year after year.

Burnham truly understands the importance of balance, encouraging employees to get involved in the community and offering flexible schedules. Flexibility with employees’ work schedules allows them to devote valuable attention to their work while still contributing to their family’s wellbeing — including the opportunity to work remotely. After each monthly companywide staff meeting, Burnham provides lunch as a form of appreciation and as an opportunity to foster interpersonal relationships. The lunches are one of the many opportunities employees have, in addition to the monthly holiday, cultural, and life-event celebrations the firm sponsors and the weekly carrier sponsored events. The Burnham team prides itself on operating much differently than the average brokerage firm. The firm is highly collaborative and revels in a culture that allows each employee to blossom into the best possible version of themselves. Employees are placed in roles depending not only on their strengths but also their passions. This cultivates a staff that comes to work every day to enjoy the job they are there to do. There is strong mutual respect among the staff because everyone cooperates to work toward the same end goal: Burnham’s success!


TicketManager makes it easy for companies to take clients to sports games, concerts, and other live events. Aside from providing a great service, there are a number of reasons why its employees love working at TicketManager, but none quite surpasses the monthly community service days where the company pays staff to go out and make a difference. The CEO often takes part, too. TicketManager also has monthly happy hours where the whole team can relax and have fun, company games every Thursday, free gym memberships, unlimited paid time off, and — most importantly — a deep belief that smart people work best when they have a huge measure of autonomy. The company also runs a quarterly All Star Program where every quarter, each department awards $5000 to its top one or two performers for that period.

Employees report that TicketManager genuinely cares about their goals, investing in its teammates and putting them in a position where they can develop their careers and get to the place they want to be five years from now. As previously noted, TicketManager also provides employees with a tremendous amount of autonomy in their daily work. Each employee has the freedom to do his or her job, make decisions and grow the business so that they can truly make an impact. TicketManager also rewards and even overcompensates any employees who deliver particularly outstanding performance. It’s no wonder that the Los Angeles Business Journal has listed TicketManager on the Best Places to Work list four times in a row, and counting!


Bolton & Company is a California-based, employee-owned insurance brokerage serving the needs of thousands of clients across the country. Bolton’s team of specialists simplify the insurance process for the organizations, industries and schools we partner with to protect and help grow what’s most important to them. One of Bolton’s core goals as a company is to remain independent, which means that rather than answer to the demands of outside shareholders, its success is driven by a dedicated focus on the best interests of clients and employees. As a privately held, employee-owned company, each employee is acutely aware that their contributions are directly responsible for the success of Bolton & Company.


Signature Estate & Investment Advisors, LLC (SEIA) is a registered investment advisory firm offering wealth management services tailored to meet the unique needs of affluent individuals, institutions and corporations. SEIA specializes in investment management, financial planning, investment consulting retirement planning, legacy planning and philanthropic management. Since 1997, SEIA has fostered a collaborative work environment where associates work alongside owners and management to make a positive impact on the firm, as well as the clients. Even while growing over time to be one of the largest independent RIA firms in the country, SEIA’s uncompromising culture of respect has never waivered. An atmosphere of professional development is strengthened by a close-knit collaboration of ideas, focus on innovation, and relationship based approach.


Corra is the global digital agency that fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands trust to create luxury commerce experiences. Providing solutions at the intersection of technology, creativity, and strategy, Corra has built a reputation for award-winning design, disciplined execution, and innovative thinking. The company has seven offices spanning the globe but maintains a small company, family feel. Corra offers competitive health benefits, flexible work arrangements and work-from-home policy, wellness program with gym reimbursement, healthy office snacks (and less-healthy wine and beer), ongoing career development, company outings and more. The company also makes it a priority to make employees feel appreciated and recognized in any way possible.

7. TK1SC

tk1sc is big on ideas and big on culture. The company’s collective goal is to make buildings behave like buildings should. Working with its industry partners, the company designs mechanical, electrical, plumbing, technology, low voltage, and security systems. As stewards of the environment, tk1sc works diligently to find ways that conserve and/or produce energy and water, always striving for the perfect shade of green. We started in 1979 & in the blink of an eye 40 years have gone by. Six years ago there were 90 people and today we are around 230. This type of growth happens only when our clients trust the firm and the employees love where they work.


Founded in 2003, CNM LLP is a technical advisory firm that provides high value, specialized accounting advisory services based in Southern California, with offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, and New York. CNM LLP is also a firm that truly cares about its employees’ success and happiness. The management team goes out of its way to make sure each and every employee feels like they’re a part of a team where their opinions and contributions are valued. The firm is transparent and upfront about all the firm’s successes and pitfalls. The firm offers employees the opportunity to work flexible hours and choose whether they would like to work overtime.

9. P2S INC.

P2S is an engineering, commission and construction management firm committed to creating a better future and improving an already talented staff. The management spares no expense when it comes to training and professional development, office comfort and employee wellness. P2S pays for staff professional memberships, offers tuition assistance for academic classes and pays for external training. The office includes amenities like daily healthy snacks, a game room, massage chair room, gym with showers and bike storage. P2S’ environmentally friendly LEED Platinum and Gold certified offices feature ergonomic chairs, stand-up desk options, and circadian lighting, which promotes healthy sleep patterns.


Mission is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Managed Services Provider committed to helping customers harness the power of the cloud to fuel innovation and drive the growth of their businesses. Ultimately, Mission is a great place to work because of its people. The company is comprised of approximately 100 inspired and motivated individuals based in Los Angeles, Boston, as well as a variety of other locations around the world. Mission team members are united by a core set of values guiding them to strive for excellence, embrace life, take ownership, practice inclusion, and foster a growth mindset. Mission staffers seek out new ways to be better, do better, and serve our customers better.


Raines Feldman is not a stereotypical law firm – it truly is a family. With breathtaking views from every window, the bright and open office promotes a culture of diversity, inclusion, teamwork and collaboration, support, a strong work ethic, positivity, progressiveness, and innovation. With a dedicated devotion to their craft, Raines Feldman co-workers, and their clients, the result is a solid team with strong relationships both internally and externally with clients. From flexible work schedules to working from home to the firm’s Associate billable hours being less than competitors’, the firm strongly believes in and maintain a meaningful work/life balance.


Murphy O’Brien is an agency built for a connected world. The firm is plugged in, always on and creates innovative campaigns and extraordinary results for the companies and brands it serves. Thanks to its supportive working environment, along with generous employee benefits, Murphy O’Brien is not only one of the most successful agencies of its size, but also a desirable place to work. The team invests in the professional development of each employee, providing an environment that values mentorship and collaboration, and praises individuality and ingenuity. Murphy O’Brien hires, trains and retains the best and brightest talent in the industry, and considers every day an opportunity to celebrate clients’ and teammates’ success.


Proven Recruiting was founded in 2007 by Louis Song and Ingram Losner as the answer to a growing concern – the fact that most recruiting firms were grueling places to work. They believed that building an employee-centric company with a strong sense of purpose was the key to providing a truly differentiated experience – especially in an industry that exists to help companies hire quality workers who love their jobs. It worked. Today, Proven Recruiting has grown from seven original founders to a substantial community of core employees across the US, joined by a shared dedication to meaningful work.


SADA is now the largest Google-only services provider of its kind. Meaning, its 140 staffers are so passionate about how cloud can transform the world, that they continuously win awards/contracts over much larger consulting organizations. SADA also cares deeply about all employees, future employees, and SADA alumni. Leadership has partnered with alternative coding schools to help foster non-traditional engineering students become successful cloud engineers; analyzed its own microaggressions to update gender-neutral job descriptions; promoted Tier I Associate Consultants level-by-level until they have become managers themselves; and most importantly, celebrated SADA alumni with a cake when they feel it is time to continue on their own personal or professional journey.


At MediaAlpha, an advertising technology company that develops programmatic advertising platforms, the company collectively “thinks big.” Its success is a result of exceptionally talented and conscientious team members. They define MediaAlpha’s culture: determined, transparent, diverse, and kind. MediaAlpha trusts its team members to do their best work and in return, it removes bureaucracy, offers top-tier benefits, and promotes a life balance. The company uses positive concepts and a balanced outlook each day to recruit, hire, celebrate, evaluate, create, engage and learn. Being a part of this workplace alleviates the anxiety of ambiguity and empowers team members to contribute in countless ways.


BAMKO designs, manufactures and delivers award-winning merchandise that creates lasting connections between brands and their customers. One of the things BAMKO gets right about employee engagement is a foundation built on twin pillars of connection and growth. BAMKO’s employees feel connected to the company, its mission, and the company leaders. BAMKO employees are constantly challenged to grow — both personally and professionally. BAMKO believes in building whole humans — challenging the individual to become just a bit better every single day both personally and professionally. It’s an inspiring and motivating environment that fuels a deep sense of employee loyalty.


Pango Group is a family of brands who loves the escrow/real estate industry. Because Pango’s success is 100% reliant on amazing people that it works for and with, it cares about its people, invests in them and provides an environment that allows them to do the best job possible. As a real estate industry employer recognized for expansive growth, highly diverse and inclusive culture, and a team of people with some of the brightest, most dynamic professionals in the industry, Pango Group works hard to ensure that its people remain at the “heart” of the organization.


EZ Texting is the #1 SMS marketing platform for business. Founded in 2005, EZ Texting has served over 160,000 businesses, setting the standard for SMS marketing platforms. The happiness of employees is important and they love the great opportunities EZ Texting offers for them to grow and contribute. They also love programs such as “the SWAG at my desk” where every year employees receive a $400 allowance to use toward personalizing their workspace (they get creative!). It’s a nice plus that the company welcomes employees’ furry four-legged friends into the office as well.


Signature Travel Network is a member-owned cooperative of 283 agencies across 596 locations that generates $8 billion in annual sales. It consists of 67 highly talented employees who work to support the organization’s mission. The organization does not brand itself, but instead operates behind the scenes of each member agency as an indispensable partner for success. Signature’s philosophy is that a happy and engaged coworker will deliver their best service and, in turn, contribute to both personal growth and profit. With frequent departmental crossovers, internal promotions, and low turnover, the organization encourages employee growth without sacrificing what matters most – 14 babies born over the past 5 years, a true point of pride!


For over 40 years, Paramount Global has been a provider of packaging and logistics solutions to many of the world’s top industries. The company’s culture is defined by great people seeking excellence in performance and innovative customer service. Paramount strives to provide an environment that encourages a culture of support and growth through its core “RICE” values: Respect, Integrity, Communication, Excellence. Although Paramount is a family business, it is run professionally with a family feel. Employee development is a top priority and one of the main company initiatives. Employees are critical to Paramount’s success, which is why management helps build and refine the skills they need to take themselves, and Paramount, to the next level.


Connexity is a dynamic organization offering cutting edge technology that treats its employees like clients, meaning that it strives to be the easiest company to work for and with. From incredible benefits, like free breakfast and lunch everyday, to an environment that fosters open communication, to recognition of employees, Connexity aims to achieve its mission by following the “Connexity Code,” which is to ‘Be Connected,’ ‘Be Curious,’ ‘Be Courageous,’ and of course, to ‘Be Cool.’ Also, Connexity embraces its diversity, is respectful of others, and continuously dares to be different.


Signal Sciences is the fastest growing web application security company in the world. With its award-winning next-gen WAF and RASP solution, Signal Sciences protects 25,000+ applications and more than a trillion production requests per month. Signal Sciences’ three co-founders firmly believe in providing a space for employee autonomy and accountability. The environment breeds innovation and employees are encouraged to push the boundaries of what they think can be achieved. As such, SigSci attracts and retains top talent in the tech market who are passionate about making an impact on the world.


Goetzman Group offers an intelligent alternative to temp agencies, costly consulting firms and Big Four Accounting firms. The company helps organizations in need of assistance in all areas of finance and accounting. Goetzman Group also offers multiple growth opportunities to gain wisdom and job experiences in various business environments that are tailored to the consultant’s personal skill set, and thereby network with many talented people in their local area. Goetzman Group consultants receive the consistent care, benefits and development of the Goetzman organization to provide the security and stability that is craved in a constantly changing marketplace.


GoodRx is America’s #1 prescription price transparency platform. More than eight million people use GoodRx’s website and popular mobile apps each month. The company’s goal is to provide Americans with convenient and affordable prescription drugs. Working at GoodRx means you can take pride in knowing that your work has a direct and meaningful impact on customers’ day-to-day lives. GoodRx are disrupting the healthcare space by making prescription drugs accessible and affordable to Americans. Aside from a great office environment and “perks,” the real benefit is working alongside an empowering leadership team, wickedly smart colleagues all while providing a service that helps its customers.

25. DLC

DLC consultants are highly skilled professionals with superb credentials and broad experience inside many of the world’s leading companies. From that rich pool of talent, DLC selects those consultants who have the technical knowledge and desk-level experience to execute customers’ projects successfully. These talented individuals choose to join DLC because the company offers a professional environment, unique long-term employment agreements, and an employment package that recognizes and rewards their skills. Other perks include challenging assignments and constant learning; a variety of referral incentives; an employee-run advisory board; and unique mentorship programs.


FloQast is a fast growing close management software solution built by accountants, for accountants. The company is fueled by the success and passion of its employees and defined by the core values: innovation, collaboration, integrity, quality and passion. These values represent FloQast’s culture of cultivating a safe and professional environment for all employees and commitment to creating a cutting edge product that fills a void and changes accountants’ lives. Each employee exemplifies these values, making FloQast an exciting and vibrant place to work. As an example of the company’s unique culture, once a week, four employees from different departments are awarded $100 to go out to lunch to encourage collaboration and discussion.


Evite is the world’s leading digital platform for bringing people together to celebrate their most important life moments. Evite makes coming together face-to-face effortless and more memorable for its 100+ million annual users. For employees, Evite offers competitive benefits and numerous health and wellness programs. The company values its employees’ mental and physical health and encourages a healthy work/life balance. Evite has various recognition programs from “Beast of the Month” to spot bonuses and semi-annual awards. Evite feels it’s important to recognize the hard work and contributions from employees. At Evite, employees come first and the company understands that happy and enthusiastic employees make the company a better place to work.


TeleSign connects and protects online experiences with sophisticated customer identity and engagement solutions. Through APIs that deliver user verification, data insights, and communications TeleSign solves today’s unique customer challenges by bridging businesses to the complex world of global telecommunications. Changing the way businesses engage with customers and prevent fraud requires the best and brightest minds working together, on a global scale. At TeleSign, the staff is on the cusp of defining the future of cloud communications. TeleSign employees are energized by being up for that challenge.


Los Angeles Federal Credit Union is a full service credit union open to anyone living in most counties in Southern California. The company offer all types of financial accounts including savings and checking and low rate loans for homes, cars, boats, motorcycles, credit cards and lines of credit. The Credit Union offers many opportunities for staff to volunteer at charities that it sponsors, such as serving food at the Midnight Mission homeless shelter in Downtown LA’s Skid Row area, assembling boxes of food for needy seniors and disadvantaged families at the LA Regional Food Bank, and donating life-saving blood at our annual American Red Cross Blood Drive.


Prodege’s mission is to “create rewarding moments” every day for its employees, business partners and more than 60 million members. Prodege’s leading online properties, rewards community Swagbucks.com, MyPoints.com and ShopAtHome.com – have awarded over $600 million in free gift cards and cash to its members. Its business solutions brands, ProdegeMR (market research), ProdegeDR (direct response), and ProdegeVN (video network) allow its business partners to reach, influence & delight consumers online. Prodege’s 200+ employees set out to make a difference in people’s lives, put a little extra cash in their wallets and build great relationships with brands.


Windes is a recognized leader in the field of accounting, assurance, tax, and business consulting services. The company provides valuable business solutions to meet the needs of privately held businesses, nonprofit organizations, and high-net-worth individuals. Founded in 1926, Windes’ reputation as an outstanding firm and great place to work, which is built upon its guiding principles of integrity, independence, and professional excellence. The company prides itself on an environment that encourages teamwork, motivates employees to succeed, and cultivates individuals who are concerned with the welfare of their clients, as well as the communities in which they live and work.


Nourmand & Associates is a family owned brokerage that embraces and treats each employee as a member of the Nourmand family. With an open door policy and accessible leadership, this unique company allows each employee to feel valued and to have a voice in many decisions made throughout the organization. Employees are given unprecedented access to speak with Michael Nourmand, the president of the company, who welcomes discussion and conversation with each and every employee at almost every time of day. This type of open discourse is indicative of how supportive the organization’s leadership is of its employees.


Founded in 1994, Los Angeles-based NorthStar Moving Company has redefined the moving industry as the first to offer eco-luxury moving services, elevating basic moving service, customized care and environmental consciousness. Honored with more awards for service than any other moving company and having received awards for corporate culture, green practices, community outreach and growth including multiple “Best Places to Work” awards. Employees appreciate that NorthStar considers its employees’ happiness as being genuinely important. Best efforts are made to keep all employees’ work-life as positive as possible. Employee well being – physical and otherwise – is the top priority for management.


The mission of Beach Cities Health District (BCHD) is to enhance community health through partnerships, programs and services for people who live and work in Hermosa, Manhattan and Redondo Beach. BCHD’s success in the community is a direct function of its employees who are fully engaged and energized by BCHD’s leadership philosophy, which states that, its “mission-driven team focuses on collaboration and continuous learning to build a culture of wellness, compassion, performance and fun.” Employees have a voice and opportunity to participate in strategic and programmatic decisions at a department, district and board level through BCHD’s strategic planning process.


CoverHound is an insurtech company for consumers and businesses to easily compare and purchase insurance, built to deliver fast, accurate and actionable rates from leading US carriers based on their specific needs. With diverse backgrounds and wide-ranging talents, CoverHound employees continue to drive company growth and shape its values. CoverHound generously offers its employees a range of perks, including professional development, leadership coaching and employee wellness programs. Net Promoter Score is CoverHound’s most important metric, and we truly believe that happy employees lead to happy customers. Perks include lots of free food, free gym memberships and enticing bonus plans and sales contests to make more money, plus lots of employee recognition.

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