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40 In Their 40’s: Jeffrey Westheimer

Jeffrey Westheimer

Senior Managing Director

Lido Advisors, LLC

Financial Services

Jeffrey Westheimer joined Lido Advisors, LLC in January 2008 and is a principal and senior managing director. In addition to working with clients on investment and wealth planning, Westheimer sits on the Executive Committee, which provides overall direction for the firm and is a member of the investment committee for liquid and alternative assets. He oversees certain asset allocation models and handles some due diligence performed by Lido on certain private real estate offerings.

Westheimer began his career working for American Express for over nine years. As a life-long investor, he grew up in San Antonio, Texas where his investment interest was piqued in real estate, stock, and bond investments. In the last year, he has worked as part of a dedicated team to increase the firm’s client base by offering unique investments through custodial relationships and community outreach.

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