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40 In Their 40’s: Jason Ozur

Jason Ozur

Senior Managing Director, President

Lido Advisors, LLC

Financial Services

Jason Ozur is a senior managing director and president of Lido Advisors, LLC. He also serves as a member of Lido’s investment committee and is responsible for the management of Lido Advisors’ Hedged Hybrid strategy. He is an integral part of the firm’s due diligence on real estate-oriented strategies utilized in client portfolios. His talent for scrutinizing investments such as real estate, hedge funds, and other alternative investment strategies in today’s volatile market has made him an integral part of the Lido team and a valuable resource for his clients.

Ozur takes on a mentorship role at the firm by helping to facilitate a company culture that’s immersed in progression, excellence, and integrity. Not only does he offer most of his time and consideration to his clients, he continues to lead Lido Advisors’ team of over 70 employees.

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