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2021 Disruptors Awards: Sustainability Award Honoree


AMS Fulfillment goes beyond basic warehouse fulfillment services. AMS is a high-value, high-capacity partner for companies and brands that understand the critical role operations and fulfillment will play in their success. AMS manages complex e-commerce and wholesale/B2B order fulfillment to a wide variety of vertical markets and successful product brands.

As a Certified B Corp, AMS is also thoroughly committed to the environment. The company culture promotes “thinking green” in day-to-day lives, and it supports local initiatives to help clean environmentally sensitive areas.

AMS has been a green fulfillment services company from the start, committed to proper recycling of bottles and cans, corrugate materials and plastics. Over time, that commitment has evolved into a companywide effort to go green wherever possible — from the goods purchased to the practices undertaken to lessen AMS’ ecological footprint and that of its clients.

The Green Team at AMS reviewed its processes in detail. In addition to replacing traditional cleaning supplies with earth-friendly bulk products featuring refillable dispensers, AMS is eliminating paper usage wherever possible as we move toward electronic and hand-held technologies.

The team also enhanced its recycling capabilities by adding corrugate bailers in every facility, and its recycling partner accepts “sandwiches” that combine plastic and corrugate together in bails. Separate receptacles for plastic, corrugate, aluminum, wood and non-recyclables are found throughout AMS’ facilities.

At AMS, the Green Team has also been researching the latest in outside packaging and inside void fill. 

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