Home Advertorials 2017 CFO Awards Finalist: Gary Smalley, Tutor Perini

2017 CFO Awards Finalist: Gary Smalley, Tutor Perini

2017 CFO Awards Finalist: Gary Smalley, Tutor Perini


Gary Smalley, Tutor Perini

Gary Smalley began his employment with Tutor Perini as Executive Vice President and CFO in September 2015. After nearly 24 years with Fluor Corporation, Smalley brought the requisite industry experience and background (both technical accounting/finance and financial operations) to allow him to quickly assess areas needing improvement. As CFO, Smalley is responsible for finance/accounting, information technology and human resources and has been on a mission to improve these functions and the overall operations of Tutor Perini since his start date with the company. Smalley is closely involved with financial operations of the company, working in concert with CEO Ron Tutor to drive improvements and accountability throughout the organization, beginning with business unit presidents and controllers. The attention placed on reducing unbilled costs and significant changes as to the extent and timeliness of the related management reporting has allowed the company to monitor far more closely any change orders that are not being resolved in a timely manner and any other reasons that are preventing timely billing to clients.