Wages in Los Angeles County grew 2.1 percent over the past year to reach a median pay level of almost $60,000, according to a report released Tuesday by job website Glassdoor.

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The median base pay for the county in August was $59,972, up 2.1 percent from August of last year. That year-over-year growth rate was an improvement over July, when the year-over-year rate was 0.5 percent.

The August growth rate for Los Angeles County was essentially in line with the national rate of 2 percent, though the median pay was substantially higher than the national level of $51,556. That higher pay level was offset by the county’s high cost of living: According to the website Payscale.com, the cost of living this year in L.A. County is 44 percent higher than the national average.

“After five months of falling pay growth, Los Angeles area workers got some positive news in August with a slight uptick in average wage growth to 2.1 percent year over year,” Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist of Glassdoor, said in an email. “We will be watching to see if this starts a trend in the opposite direction.”

L.A.’s year-over-year median wage growth lagged behind San Francisco and Boston, which posted the top year-over-year gains of 2.4 percent.

According to the Glassdoor data, L.A. County had 199,341 job openings in August, up 21 percent from August of last year. The highest median base pay level was for pharmacists at $134,500; the lowest was for baristas at $26,500.

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