Weekend Getaway Guide 2019


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Survey Finds More Will Hit the Open Road in 2019
Ready to draft a catchy “Out of Office” note and set your sights on the highway? You’re not alone. Enterprise’s Annual Weekend Getaway Survey found that more people are reporting a stronger desire to escape in 2019 than last year – and most of them sum up the reason in one word: stress… Read More

Torrance: A Hidden Gem for Staying and Playing
“All work and no play” make for a dull business trip, which is why business travelers are looking to add in some leisure time. This trend in bleisure travel makes Torrance a great place to stay and play… Read More

Places to Stay in Los Angeles for that Weekend Escape
In terms of things to do, Los Angeles continues buzzing with activities for the new season. For art fans, the city is booming with new exhibits, concerts and live performances at institutions such as The Getty Center, The Ford Theatres and the Hollywood Pantages… Read More

Local Tourism Continues to Boost the Success of L.A.
Tourism accelerated Los Angeles County’s economic prosperity in 2018 as visitors pumped an all-time high $23.9 billion directly into the L.A. economy, generating a record $36.6 billion in total economic impact… Read More

Nine Tips to “Supercharge” Your Staycation
Vacation budgets may be tight for many, but it is still possible to take a rejuvenating break. This year, 30 percent of Americans will save money by taking only one vacation, and 30 percent will spend $1,000 or less total, according to a recent poll. Another 35 percent don’t plan to take a vacation at all… Read More