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The Los Angeles Business Journal recently assembled a panel of industry experts to discuss how businesses can protect their computer systems, networks and data from theft or damage; improve loss prevention protocols; and improve business tech-related processes overall. As we all rely more and more heavily on technology, the importance of protecting data, information, and communication has never been more important.

From common management mistakes and changes to the regulatory and legal landscape; from the impact work from home has had on cybersecurity to best practices in managing the latest tech, the panelists stepped up to help our audience get informed.



Jeromie Jackson
Director of Security & Analytics
Nth Generation Computing, Inc.

“As cybersecurity threats and attacks continue to skyrocket, both in volume and complexity, a holistic approach to strengthening your security posture has become a must!”


David Lam, CISSP, CPP
Miller Kaplan

“Information security best practices and the law agree that responsibility starts with leadership and requires subject matter expertise. The unwarranted belief that IT is managing information security can be very expensive.”


Dr. Clifford Neuman
Director, USC Center for Computer Systems Security Associate Professor of Computer Science Practice
USC Viterbi School of Engineering

“We need to break the patch and attack cycle. Systems should be designed for fundamental resilience against new attacks, rather than responding to each newly discovered vulnerability.”


Timothy K. Smit
Global Privacy & Cyber Risk Consulting Leader, Vice President
Lockton Companies

“Every organization’s critical processes and core services are anchored in technology: email, accounts payable, accounts receivable, contracts and procurement. Those data paths must be scrutinized and protected to be resilient from cyber attacks.”

Timothy J. Toohey
Chair & Partner, Cybersecurity & Privacy Group
Greenberg Glusker LLP

“When we approach cyber security today, it is important to consider the increasing number of state laws that require businesses to have ‘reasonable security’ in place. A business must carefully assess the personal information that it collects and evolving threats from hackers and bad actors in establishing its security practices. There is no ‘one size fits all’ for security.”

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