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Silicon Beach Report Dec. 6: Netflix’s $100M bid for “Friends”

Netflix pays $100 million for exclusive rights to “Friends;” Hulu chief hints streamer may be considering bid for sports; Aussie cotton farmers to use Semtech’s LoRa wireless networking tech.

Netflix Pays $100 Million to Keep “Friends”

Streaming giant Netflix Inc., which has significant operations in Hollywood, paid roughly $100 million to continue exclusively licensing the WarnerMedia show “Friends.” Previously, Netflix had paid up to $30 million annually to license the show, but WarnerMedia owner AT&T Inc.’s plans to start a streaming service of its own to rival Netflix could have driven the bargaining rate higher. “Friends” could appear on the planned AT&T service by 2020, the New York Times reports.

Hulu Considering Bid on Sports

Hulu Chief Executive Randy Freer hinted in a recent keynote address that the streaming platform may soon compete for rights to live sporting events. A former co-president of Fox Sports Media Group, Freer has the experience in big-ticket event bidding, but would likely need additional capital from Hulu majority owner Walt Disney Corp., according to the Hollywood Reporter. Hulu boasts more than 1 million subscribers who regularly stream its live television offerings.

Semtech Deploys Technology to Australia

Camarillo-headquartered semiconductor developer Semtech Inc. announced Dec. 5 its wireless networking technology (dubbed LoRa) gained a new client: Australian wireless carrier National Narrowband Network Co. Socaltech reports the technology will be used to aid Australian cotton growers manage their farming and logistic operations.

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