Silicon Beach Report Dec. 21: Telltale’s Kenney Joins Insomniac


Semtech files lawsuit against Spark Connected; SpaceX preps for Dragon launch; Telltale lead writer joins Insomniac Games

Kenney Swings to Insomniac Games

Mary Kenney, former lead writer for Telltale Inc. games studio, will join Burbank-based Insomniac Games Inc. VentureBeat reports Kenney joins Insomniac as it closes its biggest year ever, with its popular game offering, “Spider-Man,” still listed as the no. 1 game of 2018. Kenney is reportedly one of an estimated 270 Telltale employees who were laid off in September as the firm collapsed under financial pressure.

Semtech Files Trade Secrets Lawsuit

Camarillo-headquartered semiconductor manufacturer Semtech Corp. filed legal action against three former employees and their new employer, Germany-based wireless power provider Spark Connected. According to Socaltech, the lawsuit alleges the former Semtech employees left the company with valuable trade secrets, and then shared them with Spark Connected, which is accused of improperly gaining business information about and poaching employees from Semtech.

SpaceX Readies for Dragon Mission

ArsTechnica reports Hawthorne-headquartered Space Exploration Technologies Corp. continues to prepare for its Jan. 17 uncrewed demo launch of the SpaceX Dragon capsule, which will eventually carry humans into space for a commercial crew mission. If the Jan. 17 launch goes according to plan, the first commercial crewed flight by SpaceX could happen as early as July.

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