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QLess Software Helps Businesses Cut the Line

With social distancing and masks likely to remain a reality for a while longer, Pasadena-based QLess Inc. is poised to help businesses reduce in-person queues.

“We’ve been practicing social distancing for over 10 years,” said Charlie Meyer, vice president of sales at QLess.

The company, founded in 2007, has developed cloud-based software that allows businesses, like retail stores and hospitals, to manage customers in a virtual line. Government agencies and educational institutions also use QLess software.

With the QLess service in place, shoppers at a retail store for example, can enter a virtual checkout line by sending a text message from their cellphones, eliminating the need to stand in one physical location. 

The automated service will send a text message or call shortly before the shopper’s turn arrives. It’s also possible to set up notifications at given intervals to factor in travel time. 

In addition to providing services that reduce lines at physical locations, QLess offers mobile queuing services for virtual meetings, such as callback queuing and video conference queuing for government agencies and colleges.

To manage the virtual lines, institutions and businesses can access the QLess platform on mobile devices and computers. 

The company charges its clients a monthly fee between $100 and $1,500 for its software services. Pricing depends on the number of locations and add-on features the client requests. 

One of QLess’ add-on features is Flex Appointment, which allows people to text the merchant that they’re running late and cancel or reschedule the appointment if needed. 

Another feature is an SMS survey, where the QLess platform will send out a text message with a link to a business’ online survey for customers after they visit a merchant. 

“We already have a very good brand name in colleges and agencies but now we’re seeing a lot of demand from major retailers as they plan for in-person shopping to grow again,” Meyer said. “Restaurants is typically not a vertical that we sell to today, mostly due to our costs.”

QLess’ mobile line management service is deployed in more than 2,000 locations, including retail stores, government agencies, marine port terminals, and educational institutions in the United States and abroad. 

The company has more than 500 unique customers, including the city of Los Angeles’ Tax and Permits Office, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and UCLA Health.


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