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Optimis Services, Inc. Partners with Kareo Intended to Support Independent Rehab Clinics

Optimis Services Inc. and Kareo announced last week that they were forming a software integration and channel partnership.

“We are proud to have developed a partnership with Optimis that will continue to explore new efficiencies for our joint users. Leveraging this technology enables independent rehab clinics to boost operational efficiencies and financial performance while improving patient care,” Dan Rodrigues, chief executive of Kareo, said in a release.

OptimisPT is a subsidiary of Optimis Services, a Pacific Palisades-based provider of cloud-based rehab therapy practice management and Electronic Medical Record technology, and provides customers with rehab-specific EMR technology accompanied by clinical decision support to help physicians come up with helpful medical plans. Kareo provides digital clinical and practice management software solutions for independent healthcare practices and billing companies.

According to a statement from the companies, the goal of integrating OptimisPT and the Kareo suite is to help practices attract and retain clinical staff, comply with regulations and enhance revenue capture.

Carlos Garcia-Cuesta, executive vice-president of operations at Optimis, said this partnership will allow the company to scale up, all while maintaining functional services.
“(Optimis has) grown over the years, we got to the point where we were looking to partner with an organization that could integrate with us to take the EMR offering to the next level,” Garcia-Cuesta said. “Where Kareo marries very well with OptimisPT is they bring in their best-in-class billing suite and billing platform.”

The integrated offering by the two companies delivers a solution designed for independent rehab practices. The streamlined workflows and business intelligence will allow staff to spend less time documenting and more time on patient care, with embedded compliance tools that help to create accurate medical documentation.

“As users are using the platform to get on a patient entry side or clinical documentation, or if it’s a bill or credential where they’re able to access the same information that everyone is,” Garcia-Cuesta said. “The goal being to eliminate double entry, to eliminate redundancies … Our goal is that these individuals are spending their time on customer-facing activities, on clinical intervention, on … what needs to get done versus trying to enter information because one part of the system does not speak to the other.”

“Our integration with Kareo represents an important evolutionary step in our efforts to provide the PT sector with the most robust end-to-end solution. We strive to be industry leaders in innovation, and we believe that we now offer the best choice for independent practices who are seeking to grow and scale,” Tiffany Manning, chief operating officer of Optimis, said in a statement. “We know this suite of services will provide workflow efficiencies and new revenue opportunities for physical therapists and help them to provide better outcomes for their patients.”

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