Chris Paul-Backed Greenfly Catches on With Athletes

Chris Paul-Backed Greenfly Catches on With Athletes
Greenfly’s clients include the MLB and NBA.

The idea for Greenfly Inc. came to former right-fielder Shawn Green after he hit a record four home runs in a 2002 Los Angeles Dodgers game.
Rather than trying to coordinate post-game interviews with several sports networks, he recorded a statement on his phone and sent it to multiple outlets.

Realizing this could be done on a larger scale, Green and his cousin, Daniel Kirschner, launched Greenfly, a content exchange and collaboration platform. The company’s platform allows businesses to create, collaborate on and disseminate content on social media. Greenfly also enables organizations to crowdsource photos and videos and see where content is shared and how much engagement it gets.

“Greenfly facilitates the whole flow of content around an organization,” said Kirschner, Greenfly president and chief executive. “Clients use Greenfly to manage the capture of content around events themselves.”

The company has more than 40 employees at its Santa Monica headquarters and across the United States and Europe. In late August, the company announced an $8.4 million funding round, which it plans to use to expand its marketing and new partnerships, Kirschner said. 
Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul invested in the round and joined the company as a strategic investor and partner.
“Greenfly is one of the most recognizable names among athletes,” Paul said in a statement. “But its application and impact extends far beyond the court or field. Greenfly … makes it incredibly easy for organizations to work with any ambassador.”

Greenfly has more than 44,000 users and works with more than 500 clients, including the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball. 

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