Dalton Bioanalytics Chosen for BioTools Innovator Accelerator Program

Dalton Bioanalytics Chosen for BioTools Innovator Accelerator Program
Seungjin Yeo, left, and Austin Quach.

Westwood-based biotechnology research company Dalton Bioanalytics was one of 14 life-sciences companies — and the only one from Los Angeles — to participate in the BioTools Innovator Accelerator program.

Founded in 2019, Dalton says it is building the next generation of blood analysis using its technology to digitize the biochemical composition of plasma and other tissues, quantifying thousands of molecules in a single-shot assay.

Traditionally, multiomics, data sets of different measurements combined, requires the collaboration of multiple laboratories, a more costly and complex process.
Dalton, however, analyzes proteins, lipids, and metabolites in a single procedure.

Only 26 companies were selected from the 160 applicants from 23 countries for the BioTools Innovator Accelerator program. More than 30 industry judges from life science firms chose the 14 companies selected for that cohort. Five of the companies will be selected to compete for the 2022 BioTools Innovator title and a $250,000 grand prize during the BioTools Innovator Capstone Event, which will take place in October in Carlsbad, California.

The program is facilitated by Westwood-based BioTools Innovator, which was developed by the team behind accelerator MedTech Innovator. Its purpose is to advance life science-tools innovation and improve human health by supporting startups developing biotechnology products with mentorship, funding and networking opportunities.

“We launched BioTools Innovator to fill a gap in the life science industry where promising technologies falter due to lack of sophisticated guidance that prevents entrepreneurs from making avoidable mistakes,” Kathryn Zavala, managing director of BioTools Innovator, said in a statement. “These 14 companies represent the next frontier of innovative technologies that will help us develop solutions to diagnose and treat diseases more effectively and live healthier. We are thrilled to welcome them to the cohort.”

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