State of Accounting: Points of View from the Managing Partners’ Desks


Custom Content from the Los Angeles Business Journal

As the financial landscape continues to shift and adapt to the world’s “going’s on,” it’s always good to get advice and perspectives from those in the know. With this in mind, the Los Angeles Business Journal has turned to the managing partners of some of the leading accounting firms in the region to get their assessments regarding the current state of business accounting, economic variables, and the various trends that they have been observing, and in some cases, driving. Each of these fiscal thought leaders has of fered their unique perspectives with columns that generously share their insights and points of view. Thanks to these financial stewards of Los Angeles and the unique outlooks they have provided – offering a glimpse into the state of business accounting in 2017 – from the perspectives of those delivering financial advice and leadership to the businesses of our region today. Inside this supplement:

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