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Skyryse Completes FAA Review

Skyryse has completed a major review with the Federal Aviation Administration.

“This significant milestone accelerates the company’s path toward certification,” the El Segundo-based maker of aviation software said.

Achieving 100% means of compliance and completing this system review of software, hardware and human-factor components with the FAA puts Skyryse in the position to achieve full certification, the company said in a statement.

The company, which announced the completion of the review last month, integrate its technology into type-certified airframes, which decreases its certification workload.

The next step requires the company to collect additional data and validate and verify its technologies through ground and in-flight testing.

Skyryse founder and Chief Executive Mark Groden.
Skyryse founder and Chief Executive Mark Groden.

Mark Groden, the founder and chief executive of Skyryse, said the company has been purposeful in applying FAA-certified and compliant technologies in a new and meaningful way, improving safety and the ease of flight.

“Skyryse is making general aviation easier and safer by removing the complexities of managing an aircraft during standard flight, inclement weather, emergencies, and critical flight operations,” Groden said.

The company’s software, called FlightOS, replaces the controls in a typical cockpit with touchscreen tablets and a joystick and its fly-by-wire hardware and software.

Using Skyryse’s system, an entire flight can be completed with the familiar tap-and-swipe gestures used on a mobile device, the company said.

Upon final FAA certification, Skyryse airframe-agnostic software and simplified vehicle operation will, according to the company, make general aviation much safer.

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