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Engineer Has Designs On Style

As he reached the end of his 20s, Sam Wang found his personal style evolving toward more tasteful materials and a subdued color palette. But his computer bag remained a mess of plastic cases and rubber cords. And he wasn’t the only one.

“I was thinking about these young professionals who were using MacBooks, going to meetings, and how they were looking for classier ways to keep their products organized,” he said.

Wang, an engineer, decided to address that issue by founding the Goods, a downtown L.A. manufacturer of upscale accessories for working men. The company’s first line includes computer charger and earbud cases, and a slim credit card wallet, all in black leather. Prices range from $25 for the earbud case to $80 for the wallet.

While fashion houses understandably focus on women – that’s where the money is – Wang saw an opportunity in catering to image-conscious men tired of dowdy computer accessories.

“More guys are willing to make themselves look better, feel better and spend money on themselves,” he said.

Wang, 30, launched the three-employee company in June and is making sales of about $4,000 a month. Products are manufactured in Commerce at a factory run by an acquaintance of Wang’s.

He’s already planning a new line aimed at sprucing up the professional man’s home. It will include cocktail accessories such as a leather wine-bottle carrier.

Like with his initial line, Wang said he’s not trying to create a market for new toys – just making the tools we use a little cooler.

“Everything’s an extension of your actual living experience,” he said. “It’s perfecting what people actually use.”

– Matt Pressberg


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