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STYLE | Accounting for Taste

No need to tell Alyssa Weinberger, senior managing director at Lido Advisors in Century City, about the value of a dollar. She’s a third generation CPA, in the same field as her grandfather, father, uncle and brother.

“I would say being good with money is embedded in my DNA,” Weinberger said.

She also shares an alma mater with her father and uncle – all graduates of the University of Arizona.

Weinberger’s work might be described as a family affair. She leads Lido Advisors’ team efforts on family office. Lido assists families as they establish stand-alone or virtual family offices, identifying strategies to help maintain and build wealth over generations.

Family is the reason that Weinberger and her husband, Steven, who also is in wealth management, live in nearby Westwood. The short commute allows Weinberger to walk their three young sons to school before work.

The kids are aware that getting time with busy parents represents a trade-off. They know if Weinberger attends a weekday school or sports event she’ll be less available for weekend activities.

“I love that my boys see how hard I work,” Weinberger said. “All of them learned from a really young age the value of a dollar, and they really understand the concept of money. I think it’s great for them to see that women and men can have the same exact career.”

No surprise that Weinberger regards her clothing and accessories as investments instead of ways to follow short-lived fashion trends. She tends to favor timeless looks, such as distinctive accessories paired with basic black, navy or red.

“I like to save up and buy one amazing item, specifically jewelry,” she said. Indeed, Weinberger’s pearl and crystal Chanel necklace, as well as a sparkly diamond bezel on her Rolex watch, suggest a taste for fine accessories.

A word about the watch: It’s a men’s Rolex for a reason.

“It’s definitely a man’s world out there,” Weinberger said of the investment business. “I specifically got this watch to remind myself how times have changed.”

Parenthood, meanwhile, has turned Weinberger into a quick-change artist. “I always have here with me an extra pair of shoes and a casual jacket so I can go to baseball, basketball or soccer practice or games,” she said with a laugh. “I’m usually on some sort of field.”

– Diane Haithman

Black Chanel bags are timeless. “I like to buy items that hold their value.” (photo by Thomas Wasper)
The Valentino high heels exemplify Weinberger’s taste for quality items that last. (photo by Thomas Wasper)
A woman wearing a man’s Rolex makes a statement in the financial world. (Photo by Thomas Wasper)
The Elie Tahari jacket was a gift from mom when Weinberger began her career in public accounting, and years later it’s still in style. “She taught me you want to dress for success.” (photo by Thomas Wasper)
Weinberger calls the Peck & Peck denim jacket, Valentino slip-ons, and Chanel shoulder-strap wallet her Super Girl outfit, ready for instant transformation from financier to sports mom. (photo by Thomas Wasper)
Each flower on this custom-made diamond and platinum necklace represents a family member: Sons Hudson, 10; Braden, 9; and Blake, 3; and husband, Steve. (photo by Thomas Wasper)

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