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There’s an inherent urge in newspapering to think in yes or no terms: Is the sheriff a crook? Will the team make it to the playoffs? Can the company emerge from bankruptcy?

Real life, of course, is seldom that absolute. And so it is with several of our stories this week. Is L.A. America’s stingiest city? Not if you consider the millions that are unselfishly donated each year by Angelenos of all income levels. The question is how much of L.A.’s big money ends up going to causes other than the local BMW dealer. There’s no easy answer to that one, though Larry Kanter’s report suggests that L.A.’s stingy reputation is due for an overhaul.

The ongoing drama surrounding Jamie Tarses’ tenure at ABC is another one of those gray areas. For much of the year, she’s been portrayed as too a) young, b) immature or c) emotional to retain the top programming spot. But this is television, after all, and there’s no surer cure to youthful immaturity and emotionalism than a successful ratings season. If Tarses manages to snare a few hit shows, she will quickly become everybody’s favorite programmer.

Mark Lacter


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